Trauma - Can it be Passed Down from Parent to Child?
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Trauma - Can it be Passed Down from Parent to Child?
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Trauma - Can it be Passed Down from Parent to Child?

Recent studies on the science behind intergenerational trauma — between Holocaust survivors and their children, for instance — have discovered that trauma can be passed between generations. The epigenetic inheritance theory holds that environmental factors can affect the genes of future generations. Chemical tags acting like Post-its can latch onto our DNA, switching genes off and on. A research team at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital led by Rachel Yehuda, a leading expert on post-traumatic stress and epigenetics, concluded that some of these tags could be transferred across generations.   ( BY RIGNAM WANGKHANG from OZY)

Sacred Geometry (the basis of Mandalas) can heal and release these traumas. Perhaps you might like to have a positive, light infused Mandala created for you (an original hand painted and unique to you), combined with your shadow captured with sacred geometry, enlightened and burned (which brings the knowledge from these experiences into our conscious awareness)

I have had great success with this process over the past 15 or so years.  People respond in what appears to be a magical way to the releasing of blocks held in the mind (created by traumas usually not their own but from up the family line when an ancestor decided that a particular situation needed to be dealt with in a particular way, mostly based on fear).  The decision is then transmitted through cellular memory from generation to generation until many, many such beliefs accumulate and the current situation for an individual wanting to break through and move forward is completely blocked by these apparently invisible barriers.   As sacred geometry is at the basis of creation I posited  “why not capture the shadow energies and beliefs in a dark mandala”?  So I enlighten and burn the dark mandala, proving over the many years I have been assisting people in this difficult situation the enormous success this method has produced with my clients.  Until recently I have not shared this process but privately gone about offering to those who apparently were unsuccessful in the past, to unlock these beliefs so long hidden in the place of denial in the human mind.   This allowed the freedom to create a healthy lifestyle they have so long desired for themselves.   
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