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creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.

Helen Grant-Johnston is a catalyst & spiritual facilitator in Multi-dimensional  Intergalactic New Ascension energies of Creation using Sacred Geometry and Voice - 
   Light language spoken & in song.

Mandalas are a code language that your subconscious understands.   It  has  helped  people  to  change   their behaviours  and  beliefs  to  easily  find  purpose  in life.

My Mandalas have the ability to open you to your Intergalactic Being at the center of our galaxy which then makes it possible for the IG Collective to channel energies to the Earth and Gaia through you and thus influence the Collective of Humanity by this injection of New New Ascension energy so needed to establish and create a new higher vibrational energy system to clear the pathway to our new future. 

It will be my distinct pleasure to be able to support you in    these unusual and possibly trying times.               

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Sacred Earth - Breathing Space
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Mary Magdalene                                                          Mary Magdalene bringing                                                                                      in New Ascension Intergalactic energies                                                                                       to 3D

Chestahedron for those who created the genetic interference, re-instating the full spectrum of the Divine Feminine (through Mary Magdalene at the center), bringing to them the nurturing aspect of the Inner Child by the Great Mother and the freedom to connect to the New Ascension energies. Source Sovereignty for ALL concerned due to the clearing of this interference for humanity. Also a Chestadron is the portal opening sacred geometry for the heart muscle. There are two types of Chestahedron - one for humanity and the other (this one) for those who chose to genetically engineer humanity to create workers to dig the gold they so much wanted. Please remember we all have some of the pure bloodline (as they like to believe they are!) in our cellular memory. I believe this to be the overarching plan of the Intergalactic Beings to resolve the multidimensional shadow.

Mary Mother of Jesus                                                   Heart Strengthening for these difficult times

Releasing the conflict between the original genetic interference of humanity - the domination which created the two strata society we now so obviously live in. Think on this...........When humans can appreciate the only way those that genetically engineered humanity are able to return to Source/The All That Is/The Divine is when we can appreciate they need us to wake up so they can reconnect to Source!! Firstly we have to realize we have the power to create. We have to stop being frightened of who we really are so we can actually fulfill our soul destiny - be able to forgive them (remember Ho'ponopono!! I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you) and ourselves for forgetting why we are really here, right now. When it all boils down the answer is really that simple. Blessings, Helen PS The two arrow head shapes are the interlocking completion of the above purpose of Humanity with those who genetically interfered with the original humans on Earth (see Zecharia Sitchin's books especially The 12th Planet) and also the Soul Group destined to implant this information in the Collective Mind Set of all of us, reminding us of the infinite qualities of the soul (theirs and ours!) creating the energetic vibrational opening for the wonderful resolution of this situation we find ourselves involved in now. Come on! Use this situation to re-seed them into enlightenment while they are distracted trying to keep the control!