creative mandalas - Beginners Classes
creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.




Helen has been creating Mandalas for over 20 years. 
Enjoy bringing your creative Inner Child out to play!

Mandalas  solve problems in new and  surprising ways especially when you you know how, and Helen can show you how!!

At Helen's Beginner's Mandala Classes

  • enjoy using  colour,  shapes,  symbols, and  various techniques which will inspire you to discover your hidden creativity. 
  • connect you to beautiful designs, ideas and words allowing you to bring something new into the world,
  • create confidence and trust in yourself and your own abilities.
  • enjoy sharing the creative process with others.

In the Beginners Class you will:

  • Effortlessly create your first Mandala,  learning to understand and interpret your mandala, developing your intuitive abilities.
  • Learn how to Zen-doodle. 
  • Create with basic Pencil, compass, watercolour and ink techniques, including decorating to fill and complete your mandala. (this is using Zen-doodling and making this creative process your own as you become more confident)
  • Have handouts explaining the archetypes and numbers you may come across in your mandala creation to build confidence in your new found abilities. 
  • Be given examples of shapes and symbols as part of your package to support you at home.
  • All equipment will be supplied.

Contact Helen     0422490914

These Beginners Classes can be adapted to suits the needs of you                  personally or a group.