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creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.
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YOUR MANDALA WILL BE INDIVIDUALLY CREATED                                                FOR YOU.

Personal Intergalactic Being

Relationship Intergalactic Being 

Family Intergalactic Being Mandala

Mandala to find New Direction
supported by the Intergalactic Beings

Body Mind Psychic Expo
(creating heart space
portal to Source)

Remembering our  Original Lyran Civilization  from which we 
came to re-awaken in this dimension now.    (Look at this and remember who you TRULY ARE. Surrender to your purpose on earth at this time!)

Commisions taken to create large mandalas 70cm x 90cm


Crystal Bed Practitioner                                Yoga Studio


                                                 STARGATE  ADELAIDE
                                           Stargate for the Southern Hemisphere

                                                  Codes for the New Ascension Energy
                                                                         Practitioner     ©
                                    Healing and releasing the trauma of Genetic Interference 
                                                by the Annunaki  of the human cellular memory
                                        through the energy of The Human Great Mother Goddess ©
                                                           New Ascension Energy Codes

                                Healing conflict between outside world beliefs and
                                innerworld Truth allowing reconnection  to the
                             Great Mother Goddess, and the resulting enlightening
                              of both Human and Annunaki (Shadow) interference.
Reconnection to the Great Mother Goddess (Sophia)
enlightening the genetic interference of the Shadow taking this person back "Home" spiritually.

                                                                                     Enlightenment of the Annunaki influences on a                                                                                                            cellular level.                                                       


Sound Healer                                                                           Practitioner    Mandala                    

Key to unlock Sadow control over the                                 Key to unlock Shadow control over Divine  Feminine.                                                                 the Divine Masculine.
Healing deep Satanic connections.                                       Healing deep Satanic connections.                                                                                                               


Enlightenment of the Annunaki Genetic Interference giving                
this family the clearing of their throat chakras to speak and
live Divine Truth. Healed & transmuted through the
Human Great Mother Goddess.
Enlightenment of Annunaki Genetic                                 Bringing into balance through 
Interference, clearing any residual conflict.                       Sacred Inner Marriage of  Divine                                                                                                         Feminine and Masculine of the
                                                                                            and Annunaki Great Mother                                                                                                                 Goddess.
                                   Birth of the Multidimensional Star Child
                                         of Light -Rebirth of the Mother
                           Practitioner Mandala                                                                         Relationship Mandala  

The Great Mother Goddess                                                  The Great Mother Goddess'  Divine 
THE BLACK GODDESS                                                    Masculine 
SOPHIA  - The World Soul
She is The Rebirther of Humanity.                                                                                      
(Below) Conflict Healing between Males (Brother to Brother, Father to Son, Son to Father) Mandala  
Male Family Conflict Healing ©
Detail of Male Healing ©
Healing Extremely Troubled souls
Third Eye Chakra © 

Third Eye Mandala                                                                    Deep Healing for Troubled Souls
                                                                                                   Releasing souls trapped in the 
                                                                                                   Satanic Reincarnation Cycle


Resolution of Twin Flame Evolution   
Both free to evolve to next level. The purpose of their creation and project completing and building a new foundation of the much needed Intergalactic connection to Earth and Gaia (the counterpart of Sophia another form of twinning). 
Evolved Twin Flame
 Archetype of
Grand Master of  the New Ascension Energy ©
A1 size
Divine Masculine Mandala

These two mandalas are in the colours of the enlightenment of the genetic interferance of the Annunaki interference. 

Personal Mandala                                                                                  Unity at Source Level of 
                                                                                                               Divine Feminine and Divine                                                                                                                Masculine ©

                                                       MAJOR PORTAL OPENING
                                  Bringing the Shadow Knowledge (and enlightening it)
                                          from the Dark Universe into the Light Universe
                                                        Facilitated by Twin Flames ©

 Family Mandala Unity in the                                                            Personal Mandala                          
Source Field Energy ©



                                       Access to the Void of Creation  ©
                                                              A1 size 
 Home Mandala


           Personal Mandalas  

New Ascension Energy
New Ascension Energy
Grand Master of the New Ascension Energy- Creative Mandalas ©
Pituitary Gland
Pituitary Gland
World healing for 11:11 Northern Ireland- Creative Mandalas ©
Personal Mandala
Personal Mandala
Created for a person to fulfill their purpose in life, self understanding and self development- Creative Mandalas ©
Great Mother Goddess
Great Mother Goddess
Healing and releasing the shadow and dross from the Great Mother Goddess, creating a clear pathway for integration of this wonderful archetype - self development- Creative Mandalas ©
Soul Essence
Soul Essence
Connect to the essence of who you truly are. - self development- Creative Mandalas ©
Family Mandala
Family Mandala
Creating a clear pathway for the self development of all in this family- Creative Mandalas ©
Personal/Business Mandala
Personal/Business Mandala
Created to enhance an already extremely self empowered leader of our world healing community- Creative Mandalas ©
Personal/Healing Practice Mandala
Personal/Healing Practice Mandala
Healing and creating a sacred space of enlightenment for this professional alternative practitioner- Creative Mandalas ©
Twin Flame Family Mandala
Twin Flame Family Mandala
Advanced healing and space clearing for this family to evolve spiritually and achieve their soul goals - self development Creative Mandalas ©
Home Mandala
Home Mandala
Creating the space for advanced download of the New Ascension Energy- Creative Mandalas ©
Healing Mother/Daughter Archetype
Healing Mother/Daughter Archetype
Vesica Pisces heals and releases conflict of opposites- Creative Mandalas ©
Ascension Mandala
Ascension Mandala
Mandala created for a healer who works with Ascension Energy- Creative Mandalas ©
Wedding Mandala
Wedding Mandala
Bless the couple's life with a Wedding Mandala- Creative Mandalas ©
Inner Marriage White God and Goddess of Ascension
Inner Marriage White God and Goddess of Ascension
New Ascension Energy creates new archetypes for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine- Creative Mandalas©
Conception,Child,Maid,Mother, Crone Mandala
Conception,Child,Maid,Mother, Crone Mandala
Healing the stages of the Divine Feminine/Great Mother Goddess- Self Development- Creative Mandalas ©
Family Mandala  A3 Size
Family Mandala A3 Size
Clears spiritual pathway for unity within the Family ©
Family Mandala A1 size
Family Mandala A1 size
Connecting to the New Ascension Energy through the Great Mother Goddess ©
Practitioner/Business Mandala A1 size
Practitioner/Business Mandala A1 size
Create Healing space for the practioner unlocking keys of knowledge and information multidimensionally. ©
Nature Alone
Breathing Space by Sacred Earth
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